Friday, August 29, 2014

Power Outage Delay


Oh my goodness!  Friday has snuck up on me.  How does a week fly by so quickly?  It has been another busy week here in the Crawford household.  I didn't even get to blog at all this past week.  So here's a random update via a 5 for Friday!

Our week started with a back to school pool party last Saturday.  All the American kiddos and their parents gathered and partied at the pool.  Even the Marines joined in the fun, which Suri thought was very cool.  There were cannon ball contests, pizza, treats galore, and lots of fun times shared.  

My newest project.... starting a lending library for kiddos in grades Kindergarten through Third grade.  I came up with this idea while we were home for a month and my two kids couldn't get enough of the local public library.  We don't have a public library here on the island and not all the schools have a library.  When our kids are learning to read they read through the books and then end up memorizing them.  Young readers need lots of books and a variety of books.  We are starting by asking people to donate books and after we see how many we get we will look into funding and fundraising to buy for books.  I'm excited to get some books and get them leveled and ready to be checked out.  Anyone out there have experience with QR codes?  I have this crazy idea that maybe we could check out books using QR codes and have it link to that kid's name/account?  Anyone know if that will work?  I welcome any feedback or ideas!

I had planned to share about an awesome service opportunity we participated in this week.  Our church collected money for school supplies and backpacks for children who live at a local orphanage.  We were all excited to go and deliver the backpacks filled with school supplies with some people from church on Wednesday night.  Well....  the thing is...  I left the directions to my husband.  And to not completely throw him under the bus... there are very few street signs here on the island.  So we never found it.  That is one of the huge frustrations of living here on the island.  I guess most people grow up here and grow up knowing where things are.  No need for a lot of street signs.  So we are going to call them and hopefully go visit and start volunteering there within a couple of weeks.

What's for dinner?  Something amazing!  Something my whole family devoured, even my picky eaters!  What is it you asked?  Spaghetti Casserole!  One of my favorite food blogs is 100 days of real food.  Do you know it?  I discovered it almost 2 years ago now.  I would say that back home in the states we were 90% real food eaters.  Here in the Bahamas we are probably more like 75%.  Most of the foods are available, it's the cost that keeps me from buying everything "real food".  Here's a picture of the casserole.  Click the picture to head to the website to check it out. 
Spaghetti Casserole on 100 Days of #RealFood

Power outages...yup, power outages.  Believe it or not I started this blog post this morning around 8am and then had to stop around 9 when the power went out.  Grrrrr!  A fact of life here.  They do rolling brown-outs since everyone is using their ac right now.  So now it's 4:30pm and I'm back home from our day and get to finish up my Five for Friday.  A lot has happened today but that's a post coming this weekend or on Monday as everything should resolve itself by then.  Let's just say there's a chance I'll be putting back on my teacher hat...but more on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!  My hubby and I are headed to the Paradise Island Country Music Festival on Sunday.  We are going to get to see The Band Perry and Rascal Flatts.  I've seen Rascal Flatts before but it will be our first time seeing The Band Perry.  Tune in next week to hear all about it!


  1. I think your lending library sounds great!! Happy Friday!

  2. Teacher hat and The Band Perry?! Sounds pretty great!

  3. Hey Joya,
    I love your lending library idea. I take for granted the fact that we have so many great local libraries in the towns around us. A year ago I pinned an app called Level It Books. I was helping assemble the guided library at my best friend's school and thought about using it but we went old school and typed it out in Excel. According to the website you scan the bar code and it will give you the level but it will also keep a list of all the titles and allows you to check out books using it. The site says it is for Android and Apple. Maybe something like that might work??

    Enjoy the concerts! I've seen Rascal Flatts a few times but I don't think I've seen the Band Perry. Should be an awesome show!

    1. Thanks Sara!
      I will definitely check that app out! I made the flyer. Now it's going the rounds at the Embassy getting approval to be sent out!
      Joya :)


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