Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Memories

It's hard to believe that summer is nearly over!  Here in the Bahamas some schools start next week.  The rest, including my daughter's school, start September 1.  As I was thinking about this and everything I need to do to get her ready for school I was reflecting on our summer....

School ended June 20 for Suri.  It was quite a year for her.  Started first grade in Washington, left in early November, started in the Bahamas in late November, and she finished June 20.  Here are her first and last day pictures...

We spent the entire month of July in Wisconsin visiting friends and family.  I grew up in Milwaukee and so my family is still there.  Lots of time with my 2 sisters, parents, extended family, and cousins!
My hometown has a great 4th of July parade and celebration.  This is my son Levi.  Such a cheese ball!
I got to go to Vegas for the TpT conference.  Best part was seeing my best friends from back in Seattle who I miss more than words can say.  We taught together for 5 years before I moved.  Lindsey and her mom went to the TpT conference with me.  My other friend Alicia brought her hubby and they did Vegas stuff while we were in the conference and met up with us after.  We had the BEST time together.  Also got my picture taken with my friend Lindsey and AMY LEMONS!!!  We have almost all of her products and used them with our second graders.  Lindsey and her mom started their own TpT shop and blog.  They are 2Literacy Teachers...check them out!  Great resources from 2 amazing teachers!

Then it was family time.  My family grew up 2 miles from our cousins.  We had so many fun times together.  Most of us have our own kiddos now.  We all traveled to Milwaukee and had some fun park play dates for the little cousins while us big cousins got to catch up.  My husband got a 4 day weekend and was able to join us for this special weekend.  Here's a group photo.

My daughter Suri turned 7 while we were in Milwaukee.  She got to celebrate her birthday surrounded by family.  Previous to living in the Bahamas we lived in the Seattle area so we were still far from family.  This was a special birthday for her.

To top the visit off my dad and I took Suri to a Milwaukee Brewer's game.  She has been to a couple Seattle Mariner games with her dad so this was fun to get to go with Pa and her mom.

It truly was a great visit.  I got in several visits with my Nanny.  She is my grandma on my mom's side of the family.  She is my last remaining grandparent.  Every visit with her is special.  Here's a pic from when Levi and I went to visit her.
I can honestly say that my kids and I had a great summer.  One we will never forget.  While we meant to do so much more, looking back, I can say we did a lot!

Now it's time to look forward and get ready for back to school.  I have been busy ordering school supplies, a new backpack and water bottle, and looking for nut-free lunch ideas.  We order pretty much everything non-perishable.  It's cheaper than buying stuff here on the island.  It just takes 1-2 weeks for our orders to arrive so I always need to be thinking ahead.  :)

Happy Back-to-School Everyone!



  1. LOVE the Mr. Sketch picture. Only a teacher's kid would love them so much. That was the only thing I used to make anchor charts in my classroom. Love them!

    Sara J Creations

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I loved using the smelly markers as a teacher too. My second graders used to guess the scent as I was adding to the anchor chart in front of them. Kept them engaged. :) I had the Mr. Sketch markers as a little girl and now that Suri is getting older I'm enjoying finding classics like these markers for her. :)


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