Monday, September 22, 2014

Markdown Monday Linky Party!

Hi Everyone!
I'm linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations for a Markdown Monday Linky Party!  Nothing beats the Monday blues like some fabulous TpT products marked down for the week, right?

This week I'm marking down my newest product, Short Vowel Apple "SPLAT!"  Growing up I loved playing slap Jack.  This is similar, but instead of slapping the Jacks in a deck of cards, students are slapping rhyming short vowel words.

Playing SPLAT, students gain practice reading and rhyming short vowel words while having fun playing a game.

There are separate games for each vowel.  Students start by putting all the cards face down in the middle and mixing them up.  Then they take turns drawing cards until all the cards are gone from the middle and they each have a stack of cards face down in front of them.  Players then say "1,2,3, SPLAT!"  On "SPLAT!" they turn a card over and place it face up in the middle.  They need to read the word on the card.  If the word on their card is the same or rhymes with their partner's word, it's a race to slap the cards.  The first hand in gets to keep all the cards in the pile.  If it's not the same word or a rhyme, play continues on.  Play stops when one player has all the cards.
                                 An example of the short A words... there are 3 and 4 letter words.

                                        An example of short E and short O game cards.

And... because it's Markdown Monday... it's 50%off!  YAY!!!!  That means it's $2.50 this week! Click any of the pictures above to see it in my TpT store.




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