Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What a Weekend!

Hi Everyone!
In my 5 for Friday I alluded to my upcoming awesome weekend.  It was amazing!  I am a huge country music fan.  Actually I'm a fan of music in general.  I played piano from 2nd grade through college and flute from 4th grade through college.  I'm always listening to music and singing along if I know the words, and sometimes even if I don't.  :)  My husband and I used to go to lots of concerts when we lived in the Northern Virginia area before we moved to Seattle and had our kids.  So when I heard that Rascal Flats and The Band Perry were coming here to the Bahamas I wanted to go sooooo badly.  Dierks Bentley was here too but we weren't able to get tickets for his show.  So Sunday was the big day.  We found a sitter (our friends' nanny) and off we went to the Paradise Island Country Music Festival!

Here's me chilling in the grass, listening to the DJ spin some tunes.
What am I looking at?  Why, I'll show you!
Pretty nice, right?  Atlantis and HGTV know how to throw a concert.  You can't get a much better venue than on the beach in the Bahamas on Paradise Island.  Check these couple of photos out...

The Band Perry playing at sunset

We didn't get any good pics of Rascal Flats.  It was dark by the time they started and the lights made them look like blurs on our iphone camera pictures.  But they were fantastic.  What a show!

This was a much-needed break for me.  A day away with the hubby without the kids was long overdue.  It was a great opportunity to take my mind off all the other school stuff going on.

We found out on Friday that the school my daughter attended last year decided that they just didn't feel comfortable letting her move up to 2nd grade.  They really pushed hard to retain her last year and I kept pushing back.  We all know that retention isn't the answer, right?  The school system is very different here in the Bahamas and the curriculum doesn't line up very well.  So I figured I would have to home school her.  I was sad for my daughter in that she's so social and LOVES being at school and being with all her friends.  I have been a first and second grade teacher for 15 years so I knew I could get her caught up and cover the 2nd grade CCSS easily.  But I still yearned for her to go to school.  Friday afternoon we went over to the new school that is just opening this school year (Windsor Prep).  Several of Suri's friends in the neighborhood attend Windsor.  We asked the director if they have room in the 2nd grade (year 3 here) class.  She said the principal (who also happens to be our neighbor) had to leave early so we should check back on Monday around 10am.  Suri was soooo excited at the thought of getting to attend Windsor.  We tried really hard to help her not get her hopes up.  We all went over on Monday and after meeting with the principal, Suri was granted admission to Windsor!  We were all so happy!  She started today and had a really great first day of school.  Here's her first day picture.  Don't you just love the uniform?  I love the blue shirts with the gray skirt!
I know many of you started school today or even weeks ago.  My Mukilteo School District friends back home start tomorrow with the kids!  I still miss the excitement of a new class of kids walking in the door and just knowing how much they are going to grow and change over the school year.  I'm thinking about you all.  Happy Back to School Everyone!


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  1. Oh my gosh - I can't even imagine a concert with those views. I have been to some amazing concerts and lots of country concerts but none with a view like that. So cool!!! I'm so glad you got everything straightened out with Suri and school. Hopefully she has a great year!


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