Friday, October 3, 2014

Five for Friday and a Blog Hop!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Wow, has this week flown by.  Lots to share in my Five for Friday this week.  Let's get started!
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Last weekend we escaped for a little off-island time to Orlando.  Flights were the cheapest we've seen them and we couldn't resist.  We were in Orlando back in May but spent most of the time doing crazy shopping for our 6 month pallet, basically re-stocking our supplies that we needed.  This time we promised the kids less shopping and more fun.  So where does one go for more fun in Orlando?  Yup, DISNEY WORLD!  We only did 2 days and it flew by so quickly!  We did one day at Magic Kingdom and one in Epcot.  Because it was such a whirlwind trip we hardly took any pictures.  We did get this one though of Levi passed out on his daddy's lap after a day at Magic Kingdom.
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So a "funny" story about our first day at Disney.  We entered Magic Kingdom and decided to just go around in a circle and see what rides we could ride.  We were in Disney Land last summer so the layout is very similar.  We know our kids can't do a line longer than 30 minutes.  The first ride we came upon was a Lilo and Stitch ride.  Apparently I didn't read a warning that this was a scary ride.  My kids were screaming and crying, trying to get out of their seats, and wanted out of the ride ASAP.  Poor things!  What a way to start our Disney day!  So Suri recovered pretty quickly after the ride was over and went and rode Space Mountain with her dad.  Levi did not.  He refused to go on any more rides.  After lunch, the crowds were getting too big and it was getting hot so we decided to head out and do our costco shopping and come back later.  Well luckily by the time we came back he was over the morning experience and was ready to ride some rides again.  That evening we were able to ride lots of rides and everyone had a great time.  We all left thoroughly happy!

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Day 2 of Disney was Epcot.  We had soooo much fun!  We did Test Track right away in the morning.  Levi is now 40 inches tall so he can ride a lot more rides than he could last summer.  We all LOVED it!  My kids love fast car rides so this was right up their alley.  I have been to Disney World before and the last time I was there was when Test Track had just opened.  I rode it then but it was a lot of fun to ride it with my kids and see the smiles on their faces as our car is whipping around the track.  We were disappointed that the Honey I Shrunk the Kids ride is gone.  Suri was looking forward to that one but there was lots of fun to be had.  The Food and Wine Festival was also happening at Epcot so we partook in some yummy food and tried Leinenkugel's seasonal ale....YUM!  I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we love our Leinenkugels!

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I'm participating in a blog hop this weekend that starts TODAY!  As in RIGHT NOW people!  There are lots of great tricks and treats for teachers.  I have a super awesome freebie as the treat that is only for the duration of the blog hop.  Afterwards it will be for sale in my TpT store.  Hop on over and grab some great tricks and treats from some fabulous teachers!
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In honor of this fabulous blog hop I have put my entire TpT store on sale!  Every product is 20% off this weekend.  I hope you'll stop by and download some freebies and purchase some resources for your kiddos!  Click on the TpT store header at the top of the page to head there right now!

I'm sure you all are ready for the weekend.  I know I am!  For those of you out there enjoying some Fall weather, enjoy some for me.  It's still 92 degrees here!  I guess October is still a hot month here.  Looking forward to November when temps cool down a bit.  Happy Friday Everyone!


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  1. It sounds like your Disney trip was a success - minus a scary ride!! Ha! Was this your kids first time in Disney World? I love that you took a break from Disney for Costco! Too funny.

    Happy Friday!



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