Friday, October 31, 2014

Five for Friday... Halloween Version


It's time for another Five for Friday linky party!  I'm linking up with Kacey from  Doodlebugs Teaching to share five things from my week...Halloween version!
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Halloween is not really a big holiday for me.  I don't really get into it very much.  Before moving to the Bahamas my favorite part about Halloween was a trip to the pumpkin farm.  I LOVED our pumpkin farm.  We went last year and really tried to enjoy it and soak it all in since there aren't any pumpkin farms in the Bahamas.  :)  So without a pumpkin farm to mark the holiday what was our family to do?  We went to a bring your own pumpkin carving/decorating event with all our fellow American friends here.  It was a blast!  It was pool side... if that doesn't say Bahamas Halloween, not sure what does.  All our friends were there.  Suri and her dad got busy planning and carving.  Levi, he chased his friends around and just had a good time.  Here's a picture.

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Tuesday was our preschool story hour.  We threw a little Halloween party for the littles.  They wore their costumes,  we sang Halloween/pumpkin songs, and we read Pumpkin Head by Wendell Minor.    That was only the beginning.  Then we had different stations for them to go to as they chose.  They could decorate pumpkin cookies with orange frosting, make an art project, eat some treats, and make pumpkin faces on orange felt pumpkins with black felt shapes.  Levi chose to be Spiderman for the party even though he is going to be a pirate for trick-or-treating, or a fire fighter, or a ninja, or a doctor.  He changes his mind every hour I think! 

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For the art projects we put out examples of different Halloween foot print or hand print projects.  Levi chose the ghost ones.  He giggled when I painted his feet.  He loved it!  

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This week was BUNCO night.  It's a chance for me to get out of the house and hang out with my girl friends.  We had such a blast!  I drank too much wine (I think it was the large red plastic cups :) ) and even won the prize for the most Buncos.  I made this recipe I found on Pinterest and it was AMAZING!!!  Easy pull-apart pizza bread.  Healthy it's not but for those times when you need something not so healthy this is great.  You have to make it!  So YUMMY!
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We are headed to Blue Lagoon tomorrow.  They are having a Halloween fun day for the kids.  Spider egg hunt, costume contest, etc...  The food is great and you only have to bring your suits, towels, and sunscreen.  My hubs has the weekend off.  He only gets a weekend off every 6 weeks so we try and do something fun when he has his long weekends off.  Here's a favorite memory I leave you with this Halloween Friday.  May you await the arrival of the great pumpkin with your best friends!  Happy Halloween!!!
The Peanuts Gang awaiting the arrival of the Great Pumpkin in the world's most sincere pumpkin patch. :)


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