Saturday, October 11, 2014

Five for Friday (Well, really Saturday)


Good Morning! 
      "You alright?"  That's how the Bahamians greet each other.  It took me awhile to figure out that it's their "Hello, how are you?" greeting.  So everyone, happy Friday!  Hopefully everyone is alright!
I'm linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for a Friday check-in with everyone and Five for Friday linky party.  That is, if my internet will cooperate.  Not currently cooperating... (Side note, no internet all yesterday... hence the Saturday link-up)

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Last Saturday I organized a ladies night out.  A bunch of us grabbed dinner together and then went and saw Gone Girl.  I'm not going to go into detail and spoil anything in case you haven't read the book or seen the movie and are planning to.  Let me just say, the movie was EXCELLENT!  Stayed very true to the book.  Ben Affleck was awesome as Nick.  My friends who hadn't read the book were in shock afterwards.  Totally not what they were expecting.  It was fun!  We are already talking about what book we're going to read next and then see the movie... 

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My hubby left for DC Sunday afternoon and was gone through Tuesday afternoon.  He has missed being able to go to the Seahawks games on Sundays back home.  We are season ticket holders.  The Seahawks were in DC playing the Washington Redskins for Monday Night Football so he found a cheap airline ticket, bought a game ticket, and headed up to see his Seahawks play.  We are a big football household.  I grew up in Wisconsin so I am a huge Wisconsin Badgers fan (my alma mater) and Green Bay Packers fan.  While attending college I attended every Badgers football home game for the 5 years I was there.  I still haven't been to a Packers game at Lambeau Field, but it's on my bucket list.  I do like the Seahawks too.  Russel Wilson, their QB, was a WISCONSIN BADGER!  Gotta watch my boy!  :)  While the hubby was gone, I got sick.  UGH!  Luckily for only a day but WOW!  Never easy when momma goes down for the count...  good news is we all survived.  :)

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My son Levi goes through these phases where he wakes up between 5 and 5:30 in the morning.  WAY too early!  Luckily it only lasts a few days at a time.  I just have to remind myself of this when it happens.  We are currently going through an early rising phase.  When he does this he usually has to nap.  He can't make it from 5 am til 7pm at night without a nap.  I snapped this photo of him passed out in his car seat on Wednesday when we went to go get mail.  Bad news about the nap... it means he was awake until 9:30 that night.  Oh well!

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Levi and I got busy baking this week.  He loves to help me in the kitchen.  We made m&m cookies (his request) and pumpkin oat bars (my request).  I didn't really use a recipe for the pumpkin oat bars.  I just used some leftover pumpkin puree, oats, applesauce, crushed pretzels, raisins, chocolate chips, applesauce, maple syrup, and pumpkin pie spice.  Mixed it up til it came together, put it in a 9x9 pan lined with parchment paper, and baked it for 25 minutes at 375 degrees.  They turned out perfect.  Such an easy grab and go breakfast or snack.  We also made pumpkin fluff dip.  This is sooooo delicious.  My husband and I ate through a whole bag of apple slices dipping them in pumpkin fluff last night.  We generally eat very healthy in our household.  I am trying to make sure that a majority of the foods we eat are not processed but are "real foods".  Pumpkin fluff is a recipe I found on one of my favorite food blogs:  I highly recommend it.   

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Suri has her Fall break next week.  We are looking forward to spending some family time at the beach.  We are hoping to do a day trip to Blue Lagoon as well.  It's a fun beach day experience with inflatables in the water for the kids (and adults) to play on.  Ever see Wipeout on tv?  A smaller version of that.  They even feed you so all you really need to bring is swimsuits, towels, and sunscreen.  My kiddos are usually so exhausted that they fall asleep on our laps on the boat ride home.  I'll post our pictures next week.  :)

Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy your weekend!



  1. I too was wrestling with my internet last night and couldn't post my FIVE FOR FRIDAY until this morning! I have also been sick this week with a sinus cold due to our ever-changing weather here in Ohio! I am also up at 5 a.m.--but not with my children because they are grown adults now--but with my hound dog--who doesn't understand the concept of "weekends are for sleeping in!"

    P.S. We used to make "Pumpkin Fluff" at Thanksgiving when I taught 1st grade! Yummy stuff!

    Warm Regards,
    Stories and Songs in Second

    1. Ugh! I've had my share of sinus infections and colds. Previous to living here in the Bahamas, we lived in Seattle. With the changing weather there my son and I were always sharing some form of a cold. I grew up in Wisconsin so I remember the bitter cold too. :) Sorry about your dog... funny how dogs and children are so similar. Still waiting for mine to figure out weekends are for sleeping in. Happy Weekend!
      Joya :)

  2. Hi Joya,
    One of those weeks, huh? Never good when mom is sick. Someone needs to hold it all together!! Glad you are feeling better. I have to try that pumpkin fluff. That might help us get through some of these apples on my counter. I spent a bunch of time on that website you mentioned yesterday seeing what I could change in our shopping/eating habits to make it even healthier. Thank you so much for the suggestion!!!


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