Friday, November 14, 2014

Five for Friday!

Happy Friday Morning Everyone!

I love Fridays!  Who doesn't?  It's a rainy morning here in the Bahamas.  So my morning walk is not happening.  Oh well!  More time to blog while Levi watches Daniel Tiger.  :)

I'm linking up for the fabulous Five for Friday Linky...  Here are my 5 happenings from the week.

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Here in the Bahamas it was a sad week.  There was a plane crash Sunday evening that killed Dr. Myles Munroe, his wife, and 7 other people.  He is a well-loved pastor and leader known world-wide.  Friends of ours were at the conference with him and knew him very well.  We are thankful that our friends are ok but know they are grieving a great loss.  RIP Dr. Munroe.
Dr Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth.
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Tuesday was story hour.  We read the book Red Leaf Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert.  Then it was art project time.  We made a fall leaf themed project.  First we had the kids finger paint red, orange, and yellow all over a piece of white finger painting paper.  Then we laid a piece of black construction paper on top that had 3 maple leaf shapes cut out of it.  Man!  Cutting the leaf papers was a lot of work!  I sure missed the die cut machine from when I worked at a school.  For snack we had a cornucopia snack.  We made a mix of honey nut cheerios, peanuts, and dried fruit and put it in a sugar cone to make it look like a cornucopia.  We always end by letting the kids play together at the playground that's right outside the clubhouse where we meet.  

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Wednesday we learned we have a dangerous plant growing in our backyard.  We have landscapers who take care of all the yard work in our community.  They informed me Wednesday that they discovered this growing from the other side of the fence in our back yard.  It's growing and reaching into our backyard.  They are going to need to get permission to get a tractor and go dig it out since it's outside our community.  In the meantime the kids can't go in the backyard.  Big Bummer!  They have been loving the trampoline and now can't go out and bounce.

We had a whole bunch of mail arrive this week.  I was most excited about the 2 sets of drawers that arrived.  We needed them for all our dress-up clothes.  I now was able to sort them by girl dress-up, superhero dress-up, community helper dress-up, accessories, and other dress-up.  Now to make the labels...
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I re-made one of my first products and gave it a major face-lift this week.  I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  The TpT website is giving me major difficulties as I've been trying to upload the revised version.  The upside is that the revised version is uploaded.  The revised product description won't upload so it doesn't include the new targets and how they are laid out.  The price also won't update so bonus for any of you who want to snatch it up while it's only $3.  I'm planning on selling it for $5 since it's 51 pages now.  Go grab this $3 steal while you can!  Click the cover pic below to snatch it up!

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Tomorrow night is movie night at my daughter's school.  I'm on the PTA which has planned this event.  I'm hoping the rain decides to go away since we are showing the movie outdoors.  We are showing The Polar Express.  I'm so excited!  The kids are coming in their pjs.  I love this movie.  It always gets me in the holiday mood.  After watching it I feel like I could believe in Santa Claus again.

That's my week in a nutshell.  Enjoy your Friday everyone.  I saw a few lucky teachers have a snow day today!  Best Friday ever, right??



  1. Hey Joya,
    LOVE your leaf craft. Super cute. I'll have to put that in my memory (aka pinterest board) for my girls. I wish we lived closer or mail was easier to get to you because I would have cute those leaves out with my Silhouette machine for you...quick and easy!

    I heard about the Bahamas plane crash and was thinking of you guys - hoping you were safe and didn't know anyone involved. So tragic!

    Have a great weekend!

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