Monday, November 17, 2014

One Year Ago...

One Year Ago...

One year ago I left my friends, church, extended family, and community and made a huge leap of faith with my husband and 2 kids... we moved to the Bahamas!  I will never forget all the hard good byes, pulling out of the hotel parking lot for the airport at 5am in the rain with tears streaming down my face, tears falling again as the plane took off, and the excitement as the plane landed in Nassau.  When I think back one word comes to mind...whirlwind!

One year ago we arrived here on this island with 7 suitcases, 5 carry-ons, 2 car seats, and our two kids in tow.  We committed to a two year stay for my husband's job.  I wish I had a picture from the airport that day of all of us with our stuff but I don't.  I'm sure you can picture it though.  :)

One year ago we checked into our hotel room (temporary housing) which we nicknamed our pink house.  We had a 2 room suite with small kitchen on the 2nd floor.  We were supposed to stay for a week.  We ended up staying for a month.

My daughter started school at the end of our first full week here.  I was desperate to get her into a routine.  Here are my 2 on her first day as we walked to bus stop.

We spent our first Thanksgiving here in the hotel.  It was a bit strange sending my daughter off to school that day.  We had our meal as soon as she got home.

We finally moved into our home on Dec. 14.  My son had a blast in all the paper as we unpacked.  He called it his swimming pool.

We spent our first Christmas Eve on the beach.

Would you believe we bought a live Christmas tree?  I won't tell you how much it cost.  Nearly gave my husband a heart attack.  :)

I can't lie and say it's been all happiness adjusting to life here in the Bahamas.  Life here has its challenges, as do most places.  It was pretty rough at times last year.  There were times when my husband walked in the door from work and I walked right out, desperately needing a break and to clear my head.  It has been a roller coaster ride, for sure!

It helped when family came to visit.  My parents came... We took them to the Junkanoo Museum.  Junakanoo is a HUGE holiday here in the Bahamas in December.  The parade is in downtown in the middle of the night.  We didn't make it to the parade last year, but hope to one year before we leave.  Here's a picture of my dad making pancakes...his specialty.

My husband's parents came to visit too but sadly, I don't have any pictures from that visit.  I'll have to hunt those down.

One of my best friends from Seattle came for her Spring break.  She took this picture of me and my kiddos on Easter.  She survived the longest power outage we've had since we moved here.  It was out all night.  Definitely a challenge of living in the Bahamas...lots of power outages.

We like to do the excursions but they are expensive.  One of our favorites is Sandy Toes, or Rose Island.  Here's a picture of Suri at Sandy Toes.  It's more natural than Blue Lagoon.  You can see my post on Blue Lagoon here.  It's just an awesome day on the beach.

I took the kids home for a month this summer.  My husband works crazy overtime hours during the summer so we decided we would head home and see my family in Wisconsin.  I got to go to the TpT conference.  I met up with my best friends that I taught with for 5 years in Seattle.  We had a blast!  I also met Amy Lemons... so fun!

Probably our favorite things about living here are the beaches and our community swimming pool.  My kids love the beach and love the pool.  Sadly, after living here through the summer temps, they are now finding the pool a bit cool.  We are becoming Bahamians.  :)

As I reflect back on our year I am so thankful for all my friends and family who lent a listening ear when I needed to complain, who came to visit when I needed a bit of home, and who have supported us in this amazing journey.  Looking back, I am so glad we did this.  I have grown to love this little island, the friendly people, and the beauty that surrounds us.  Here's to another amazing year!



  1. It's so beautiful Joya. I'm sure the adjustment is a challenge at times but it sounds like you have no shortage of visitors in paradise!


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