Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Scoop

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!  Last Sunday before Christmas!  I can't believe that Christmas is Thursday.  So much to do but all of it fun, mostly.  :)  I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for a Sunday Scoop linky.  Here's what I'm up to this Sunday...
I baked Christmas cookies with my 2 kiddos yesterday.  While I swept up after we finished... the floors definitely need mopping.  One of my least favorite things to do... Sigh! 

I volunteered to take over the planning for our 2-3 year old room at church.  There is a curriculum.  I just need to pare it down to the materials that we have and what are the most important ideas.  I admit... I'm enjoying adding a little "pinspiration" and making things a bit more interactive and fun for this age group.  This week it's all about how the shepherds came to see the baby Jesus.  There are some fun games for them this week.  They are also going to dress-up like shepherds.  Last, they get to make these adorable fingerprint sheep.

Fingerprint Sheep Craft for Kids #DIY |

My husband and I also need to purge some toys from our toy area and the kids' rooms in anticipation of new toys arriving Wednesday and Thursday.

My kids and I made some Christmas cookies yesterday.  There are two more recipes I want to make.  I am giving homemade vanilla extract along with a plate of cookies as gifts for our neighbors and friends this year.
The weather has been beautiful lately.  I'm trying to enjoy and soak up all the sun I can in anticipation of being back home next year.  Gotta enjoy it while I have it.  :)

"Operation Wrap All Gifts" commences this evening as soon as the kids are asleep.  My husband is off the next 2 days so we can stay up a little late if need be.  My parents always use to stay up late wrapping Christmas Eve.  My husband and I did that once.  We are trying to not do that again.  All the gifts are here and are hiding in our closet so we have no excuse.  Let the wrapping begin!

Merry Christmas Everyone! 


  1. Good luck with wrapping those presents! Sun and cookies sound like a great Sunday. I hope you have a great day!

  2. I love the color theme of your blog! I am planning to bake cookies, make jam and start my Christmas Eve cake today!!! I'd better get started :) Luckily, my girls have a birthday party to go to so I can get productive during that time!
    Have a wonderful Christmas
    Mme Gauthier's French Class


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