Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Currently...

Happy New Year!
Down here in the Bahamas it is warm and sunny.  The pool is freezing cold (to us at least) but the ocean is warm.  Looking forward to watching some of the Rose Parade and seeing the HGTV Dream Home.  I know I'll be entering to win every day, how about you?
I'm linking up for another fabulous Currently with Farley.  I love this linky!  I love checking in with some of my bloggy friends and finding new ones.  Thanks Farley!

Now that the Christmas season is over I'm not listening to Christmas music anymore.  I love country music and am enjoying listening to all my faves.

Night night walks are one of my favorite times of the day.  My husband and I put our two kiddos in their pjs and put them in our double stroller.  We walk a loop around our neighborhood and get a 1.5 mile walk in while our kids fall asleep.  Our oldest is 7 and she barely fits so we know we can't do this much longer.  We are enjoying it while we can.

I got a beginners yoga kit for Christmas from a friend.  I really want to add yoga to my daily routine.  Just gotta do it!

My daughter is down to 1 pair of glasses that are a little crooked.  Little brother broke the other pair.  Actually, he's also the reason the current pair is a little crooked.  I have the warranty to replace them but we have to travel to the US to get both pairs fixed.  She also needs new black shoes for school and white shoes for p.e.  Can't find the next size anywhere online, or I'd just order them.  Also needing some items that can't be shipped here and I just figure if I have to take my daughter to the US, why not just stock up on them when I'm there.  Just have to get over the airfare cost and book us tickets.

You know when you're relatively new to TpT and you know if you just put in the time your store will "take off"?  That's where I am.  I went to the conference and have been working hard on my store since August.  I am fortunate enough to not be working outside the home.  Although my 3 year old keeps me plenty busy :).  My husband gets home at 1:20 most days and so I just need to set my work schedule to start at 1:30 and do it!

We have 10-11 months left here in the Bahamas.  I am going to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather as much as I possibly can.

Maybe I'll work on some organizing in some areas that desperately need it.  It's much easier to get ready for a pack-out when things are already organized.

Whether we return home or are lucky enough to get Phoenix, Arizona (our first choice) we are ready to be foster parents again and maybe even adopt again!

Happy 2015 Everyone!



  1. Hi Joya,

    Happy New Year! Great to link up with you and learn more about other teacher bloggers!

    I know exactly what you mean about putting just a little more time into TpT! I feel the same way...I'm trying! It's great that you went to the conference in August. How did you hear about it and get to go? I would love to go this summer!

    Second Grade Schmooze

    1. Hi Christina,
      I was already a seller but didn't know what I was doing. I had maybe 10 products in my store. Because I was a seller I got the email about the conference. I was already going to be home for the month of July in Milwaukee so I decided that it was worth it to go. I convinced a friend of mine and her mom who were thinking about starting a store together to do it so they could go to the conference. They did and we met there, shared a hotel room, and had a blast together at the conference. We learned so much! It's totally worth every penny I spent. Hope you get to go this summer! If you know anyone else going try and share a hotel room. It totally helps save money. The Venetian already gives us a great discount and it was even better split into 3. Keep in touch and let me know if you do go. I'd love to meet in person!
      Joya :)

  2. Good luck getting new shoes and glasses for your daughter! Airfare is super expensive.Happy New Year!
    Fun in ECSE

  3. Love the idea of night night walks. So awesome. We walk a lot more in the summer but I've never thought to do it in their jammies. I am missing walking and so is our dog. I took her for a walk today even though it was less than 20 degrees out. Yuck!

    Let me know how yoga goes. I need to get back in the routine and try to get in a mini workout before the kids get up.

    So crazy that you have to get on a plane to get shopping done! If there is anything I can get you and send to you to make things easier, let me know. I take for granted all the stores that are minutes from my house.

    Happy New Year, friend!!


    1. Hi Sara,
      I know I owe you a long email. Sorry! That's so sweet of you to offer to send stuff. I'll let you know! Night night walks are the best. We are looking forward to getting a dog once we're back state side so I'm sure our dog will want to come too! I remember walking our dog on the bitter cold nights growing up in Milwaukee (mornings were cold too, actually). Brrrrr! I'll email you soon! Happy New Year!
      Joya :)

    2. No worries!! Take your time. I know this is a crazy few weeks. That's the beauty of blogs...we can still catch up through our posts!! :-) Let me know about shopping - I really wouldn't mind.

  4. Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by BigTime Literacy! So yoga - I love yoga and I need to go back...the studio I had been going to is amazing but super expensive. But I always feel so good after - spiritually and physically. I hope you'll enjoy it once you get going! And if you ever get a chance to go to hot yoga - awesomeness!

    So you live in the Bahamas? And then you want to go to Phoenix? Does your husband travel for his work? I lived out in AZ for 11 years and the weather was beautiful!

    Hope 2015 brings you everything you want! :-)

    1. Hi Michelle,
      The town I used to live in (Snohomish, Washington) had a hot yoga studio and I always wanted to go but never did. Good to hear it's worth it. I'll definitely try it. We are here in the Bahamas for 2 years for my husband's job. He's an officer with the US Customs and Border Protection. His family lives in the Phoenix area and we have visited often and love it there. My husband also lived there for 8 years before he went into the Air Force. So we are hoping for Arizona but will also be happy to go back home to Washington. Thanks for stopping by! Bundle up. :) Happy New Year!
      Joya :)
      Joya :)

  5. You've just reminded me that I'd love to start yoga this year - I must look into some classes nearby. Good luck with all your plans for 2015 - enjoy your last 11 months in the Bahamas!
    Growing Little Learners

  6. Hi Joya! I am totally feeling you on the "need" to go to the US to shop! My mom decided to come down last minute and was able to bring Christmas presents for my daughter, so that was nice, but I'm really needing a stock up trip! We are planning to go in April though and I'm counting down. I'm happy to "see" you again! Enjoy your last year. :)

  7. Happy New Year Joya! I didn't know you were a fost/adopt mama. Me too! I'm not currently active with foster care, but I found it so rewarding and am still licensed. 11 months in paradise is going to go by so fast...bittersweet I'm sure.

  8. How exciting that you are in the Bahamas right now! I'm completely jealous, especially because you are missing all this PNW weather right now! :P I'm so glad to have found another blogger close to me! Good luck on the yoga. It's the absolute best for relaxing!!


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