Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Scoop

 Good Morning!
It was an early start for me this morning.  My son came in at 5:15 ready to go downstairs.  I couldn't convince him to play on the ipad for a few minutes so downstairs we went.  One hour later and after my Spark, I'm feeling a little more awake.  Time for the Sunday Scoop.  I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for this weekly Sunday linky.  Click on the pic below to join in on the fun!

Here's what I'm up to this Sunday...

 I'm in charge of pulling together and organizing the curriculum for the Toddler room for Sunday School every week.  I have today planned.  I just need to print everything out and gather a few materials.
My husband leaves tomorrow for a week of training in Charleston.  I need to figure out what the kids and I are going to eat and go grocery shopping while he's still here to watch the kids.
Our art supply cabinet is out of control.  I have the craft supplies organized into containers I bought from Oriental Trading last year.  I've just put so much other stuff in the cabinet with it that it's become a disaster.  Time to clear it out.

Since my husband is going to be gone I'd like to write and schedule some blog posts today.  I usually get some TpT work done after he gets home from work around 1:30.  So without that window to work this week I hope to get some work done today.

I need to catch up on some emails.  A couple of friends as well as a new officer coming to the island are awaiting replies on emails they sent last week.  Maybe I'll clean out my inbox while I'm at it...

Excited to skype my Nanny.  That's what I call my grandma.  The kids are usually a bit hyper on skype but hopefully they will cooperate to talk to her a little bit.  She really looks forward to seeing us.  She's my last remaining grandparent so I look forward to seeing her too.

What are you up to today?

Happy Sunday!


  1. Reading about how your kids are hyper when you try to Skype a relative totally brought back the memories!! My daughters are 10 and 7 now, but I remember how uncooperative and HYPER they would get when they were younger! I should follow your lead on the art cabinet- ours is a disaster, too! Have a great week!

  2. It brought back memories of what I did when I would meet my late grandma being hyper seeing her. Hope you et your art cabinets organized and also that I need to catch up on stuff since I was sick as a baby last week with a nasty toothache as well. Sadly, it did not go away.

    Thanks and Have a Great Sunday!!
    The Dots of Teaching

  3. Sending some good writing vibes to get work done while hubby's away. I always enjoy those days when both my guys are gone and I get some alone time with words. Of course, I don't have the little ones anymore. Anything good for dinner this week? :-)

  4. I recently cleaned out our art supply stash here at home. I wound up throwing a bunch of things away that had not been used in years or things that were not good broke my heart to throw them away, but I loved having it organized again. I hope you have a great week!

  5. Hopefully you can sneak in a few minutes to get some work done. It sounds like you have your hands full! That is so sweet that you can Skype with your grandmother. I bet she loves seeing your kids even if they are a bit hyper. :) Have a fabulous Sunday!

    Funky in Fourth
    Teaching Trio

  6. That is so sweet that you skype your grandma!! My kids always get hyper on skype or face time, too. It is nice to have that connection though. Have a great week!
    Mrs. P’s Specialties


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