Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ARGH Mateys! A Pirate Party!

Ahoy there!
Levi turned 4 last week and we celebrated his birthday with friends on Sunday.  He chose a pirate theme this year.

There were so many great ideas on Pinterest so I had to reign it in a little and decide what I could pull off easily and do for cheap here in the Bahamas.  Wait!  Silly me, you can't do much here for cheap in the Bahamas.  :)  Luckily we were in the states in January and we made a stop at Party City.  That way we only had to buy a few items.

Levi requested a pirate cake.  Ummm....HELP!  I can bake a cake and frost it.  My decorating skills are minimal.  So I requested the help of my good friend Paula and she was able to help me create a pirate cake.  Voila!

Friends arrived and everyone was happy to play together for a few minutes in our backyard.  It was sunny and 75 degrees!  That doesn't happen in February back home in Seattle.  So outdoor time was enjoyed by all.  We had a treasure dig that was very popular.  We filled a tub with sand from our sand volleyball court across the street.  (Thrifty, eh?)  Then I put rings and fake gold coins in with some shovels for the pirates to dig for the buried treasure.  We had kids ages 18 months to 7 and this was a hit with everyone.

Then we gathered all pirates and had them make a pirate hat (found a pattern on Pinterest), pirate hook (super cute project I found here), and put on a pirate eye patch.  After everyone was dressed as a pirate it was time for...

My husband put on his hat he bought in Disney World back in September and taught the kids a few words in pirate lingo.  Favorites were
*dungbie: your bottom


*poop deck: bathroom

Throw in anything potty oriented and you're all set.  :)

Next it was time to eat.  Pirate school was exhausting.  :)  For the kids I made pirate ships.  I cut hot dogs and buns in half, stuck a paper sail on a toothpick, and stuck it in the hotdog.  Sorry I didn't manage to get a picture.  Here's some other items I served...

Then it was time to open presents.  No pictures of this.  It's too busy and I wanted to be present in the moment.  Levi got some wonderful gifts and he was so sweet the way he got excited over every gift he opened.

Finally we served cake and ice cream.  His friend Johnny looks like he could be Levi's twin.  If you see either of them from behind you can't tell who's who.  He asked Levi if he could help him blow out his candles.  Levi said sure and pointed to which one Johhny could blow out.  Well, then his sister decided to get in on the action and she and Johnny blew out his candles for him.  My sweet boy just shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

Such a fun party!  Happy Birthday Levi!


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  1. Looks like the party was a huge success!! Yay! You went all out. Very impressive. And I love that your husband dressed up like a pirate. So sweet!!


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