Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Junkanoo Museum

 Greetings from the sunny and warm Bahamas!
Yes, it is sunny and warm somewhere!  We are happy to have our warm weather back after having had cooler rainy weather last week.  I'm hoping this weather is ready to stick around.  We are ready for the pool to start warming up so we can swim.  Last year we swam all year.  Not this year, the water is freezing!!!

Last week was my daughter Suri's midterm break.  She had the whole week off.  We started the week with celebrating her brother's birthday with his party with friends.  I blogged in detail about that here.  On Monday we headed off to the Junkanoo Museum with several friends.  What is Junkanoo?  Junkanoo is a huge celebration here that happens over Christmas and New Years.  At the Junkanoo Museum we learned that it was started by the slaves a couple hundred years ago.  The slaves would have a couple of days off around the holidays and would sneak away in the middle of the night and celebrate by dressing up in costumes, playing music, and dancing.  Junkanoo is still celebrated during the middle of the night.  Friends of ours went last year and the parade started at 1am.  Here's a clip of this year's Junkanoo parade.

At the Junkanoo Museum we got to make hats or a conch shell wall hanging.  Here's my family working on theirs.

Then we got to try out some instruments and have our own little Junkanoo parade.  The kids blew whistles, played drums, and rang cowbells.

At the end we got to try on some of the Junkanoo costumes in the museum.  My husband and daughter had some fun.

Here's our finished products...

Such a fun trip!


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  1. Wow, looks like you guys had a blast. What a unique and fun celebration! (You didn't have to mention how warm it is...LOL)


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