Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Scoop

Happy Sunday Morning!
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Here's my scoop...

My son and I just finished watching an episode of Curious George.  It's still his favorite.  It was the one where George and Allie learn how to make maple syrup.  So now there has been a request for pancakes for breakfast.  :)  I need to gather the materials the toddlers need for Sunday School today and make sure I have everything ready to go.  Suri has been off all week for term break.  She is back to school tomorrow.  Time to do laundry and make sure her uniforms are all ready to go.  If you read my post a couple weeks ago about her skirt and my inability to sew, I have good news to report.  The hem tape worked great!!!  It's my new best friend.  I honestly went around looking for anything else that needed fixing after I finished her uniform skirt.  Sadly, I didn't find anything.  :(

Good friends of ours are going to be moving back to the states.  They have been here 4 years.  My son and I are going to be losing our best friends.  The movers come to start packing them out on Tuesday.  Their youngest is my son's best friend.  Tuesday will be his last story hour with us.  I'm looking for a fun and cute goodbye project that we can do so that he will have something to take with him to his new home.

We are hosting a goodbye party for the same family with just the small group of us that have been close.  It's Tuesday evening so I need to get to the grocery store.

This week was Suri's term break.  We went to the Junkanoo Museum on Monday (blog post coming this week) but didn't do much else.  My husband is off today so we're going to try and do something together as a family.  Not sure what yet, but we'll figure something out.  Might be as simple as a trip to Dairy Queen.  Might be an early dinner at Johnny Rockets on Paradise Island.  We'll see.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Whatever you decided to do, enjoy your time with your family. Both Dairy Queen and Johnny Rockets sound delicious! It's funny to think that places that are so normal are in your area of paradise! Have a fantastic week!

    Mrs O Knows

    1. Hi Rachel,
      We ended up remembering that there was a Greek festival happening. We had a lot of fun! We are thankful for the couple of places that we associate with home are here in the Bahamas. Our favorite is probably DQ. Have a great week!
      Joya :)

  2. I am so sad your friends are moving! I grew as an Army child and we moved often. It was always hard, but we also adjusted quickly. Gotta love the DQ. Personally I think there is nothing wrong with having ice cream for supper!
    Teachers Are Terrific!


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