Friday, March 6, 2015

Five for Friday!

 Happy Friday!!!!

As a stay-at-home momma I lose track of what day it is quite often.  The one thing keeping me on track is the fact that my daughter goes to school.  Most weeks Fridays are pretty similar to every other day and I don't have the appreciation for them that I did when I taught.  Until this Friday!!!  It has been a busy week!  I've been gone almost every night this week.  I usually get out 1-2 times a month.  Try 4 times in the last week!  So hello Friday!  I am ready for you.  Let's get this Five for Friday linky party started!  Thanks Kacey for hosting!  Click on the pic to party right along!

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What a week!  Seeing as how it was Dr. Seuss' birthday I decided to do Dr. Seuss for toddler and preschooler story hour.  I am officially planning and teaching this on my own now.  My last partner has moved out of her house and leaves the island on Sunday.  Boo!  Anyways... I chose Green Eggs and Ham for the book.  We made green eggs and ham on a plate for the craft.  I found a cute and easy green eggs and ham snack for them.  I blogged in detail about it here.  But here are a couple photos.

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This whole week was Dr. Seuss week at my daughter's school.  She had to dress up differently each day.  Here she is in crazy socks on Wednesday, except that it was wacky hair day.  Ooops!  #mommafail.  Today is crazy socks day and she can just wear them again.  :)

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This happened on Wednesday.  He just turned four.  His only bike previously was a balance bike.  He never used training wheels.  Go buddy go!

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Then I got this crazy idea to turn up the speed to high on their little Hummer.  I mean, now that he can ride a bike, he's going to want to go fast, right?  Check out the safety goggles and the huge smile!  :)

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I figure everyone back home is sick of Winter, right?  Well I'm hard at work on some Spring products.  My first one I got done this week was Shamrock SPLAT! ABC Edition.  It's for all my preschool and kindergarten teachers out there.  Best part about this game?  You can use the cards for so many other games.  I list lots of ideas.  Click on the cover to check it out.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  I know I'm looking forward to not having too much going on.  We are going to take it easy.  How about you?



  1. I'm kind of jealous of how much you got out of the house this week. I feel like I haven't gotten out much lately at all or I don't want to go out once my husband gets home because I want to take advantage of the girls going to be to get work done! Have a great weekend! I'll email you back soon.


  2. Hi Joya, I always like reading about your life in warm land as I sit in frigid land :) At the moment our world is frozen over in a new way because we go freezing rain on top of the foot of snow. Poor Popeye thinks the whole world has turned into sidewalk as she can't walk on the snow to do her business. We all look forward to the big thaw that is supposed to start this weekend... even the dog. Take care and appreciate those palm trees for me! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  3. Thanks for all those tips! We should certainly remember Dr. Seuss when we think of story time for the pre-schoolers. It's a good primer for reading. Dr. Seuss is a literary giant, so you can't really go wrong with him. It's really most welcome to get kids at the top line schools that will truly provide holistic learning. Have a great day!

    Ed Harper @ Crayon College


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