Monday, March 2, 2015

March Currently

Good Morning!
Time to link up with Farley from oh boy third grade for one fabulous link party she hosts every month. Yup!  It's "Currently" time!

I love country music and they don't play it on the radio here in the Bahamas.  Thank goodness for apple tv and streaming country music.  I need my fix!

Our warm weather returned last week.  We are finally able to head over to the pool.  My kids were soooo happy this weekend.  We spent 3.5 hours there Saturday afternoon and about 2 hours there Sunday afternoon.  It's so good for them and it wears them out.  I love that Levi swims all over the pool, does cannonballs and super hero jumps, and he only just turned 4.  We live right across from our community pool so we spend lots of time swimming.

Back on January 1, the Bahamas implemented a VAT tax of 7.5%.  Being a member of the US Embassy community, we are supposed to get reimbursed for this.  The Bahamian government has finally come up with the forms and method for this.  We are going to have to copy each receipt on a standard 8.5 by 11 piece of paper and then glue the original on the same piece of paper right next to it.  A bunch of my friends are coming over this afternoon and we are going to start gluing away.  I have a box of 20 glue sticks so I offered to host.

I just want to go to the pool instead…

My husband is off today and tomorrow.  We really need to get all our taxes stuff pulled together, scan it in, and email it off to our people.  Yeah, we've got people.  Cool people who do our taxes for us.  :)

My husband will only have his standard 2 days off during spring break and it's a busy time of year down here.  He'll probably be working some overtime as well.  So the kids and I will spend it at the beach and pool with friends.  Maybe a day trip somewhere depending on the husband's schedule.

Looking forward to reading everyone else's Currently and seeing what they're up to…



  1. Oh my! Warm weather! I mean warm enough to swim! It's suppose to snow here on Wednesday which is very unusual for Memphis, TN. All my friends up north are jealous of me, but I'm jealous of you!!! We are looking forward to our spring break around here - we're hoping it is warm enough for maybe a round of golf! Only if it gets above 40 degrees for several days. I'M SO JEALOUS!! Have a great month! You have a new follower.. ME :)

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  2. Oh I'm super jealous! I so want to go swimming. I live in south Texas, so they temps don't get super low but I totally am ready for swimming weather! That stinks about the receipts! Hope it doesn't take to long to glue them all.

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