Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Scoop

 Good Morning!
Here we are, another Sunday morning.  Levi and I are watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates while I get this blog post done.  It's time for the Sunday Scoop, a fun linky party by Teaching Trio.  Click the picture below to link up!

Here's the scoop around here...

There was a fire at one of the power plants Friday afternoon.  It knocked out the power Friday afternoon around 1pm until about 2:40am Saturday morning.  The newspaper said there will be rolling blackouts all weekend as they try and make repairs.  Power was out all afternoon again until 8 pm last night.  This is the reality of  life here in the Bahamas.  Power goes out a lot.  So I need to get our devices charged, get a couple groceries from the store, and wash my daughter's and husband's uniforms while we have power this morning.  I'm not going to do a big grocery trip since I don't want a ton of food in the fridge that I have to worry about spoiling.

Without power I haven't been able to get any TpT work done.  Funny how that works...  After the long power outage overnight on Friday I woke up with the desire to clean.  Yesterday I got all my floors mopped and all the bathrooms in the house clean (we have 4 bathrooms).  Today I want to clean our master bedroom.  Depends on our power situation of course.  It gets hot upstairs after the power is out for awhile with no AC.

And whether the power goes out or not, I'm just happy to chill with my kids this morning and my husband when he gets home from work this afternoon.  Yesterday afternoon we spent the afternoon at the pool with all of our friends here in the community while the power was out.  We even played a fun game of sand volleyball.  So we'll see if that's in the plans again.  Depends on the power situation.  Not a bad way to spend a day though...

Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh, man I did not know. Glad you have fun with plans during power outage. I did what you written about Dr. Seuss to the kids and they enjoy it so much. Thanks for recommending this for me.

    Jasmine Hall

  2. Power outages remind us of how much we rely on it! Hope you are able to get other things done while you wait for it to come back.

    Techie Turtle Teacher

  3. Maybe a good power outage is what we need to get our teenagers away from their screens... At least y'all had a great plan B!

  4. I also plan to enjoy time with my kids and husband today. We've had a ton of rain here in Georgia lately, so we are going to take advantage of a nice Spring-like day outside. I can't imagine being without power that long....glad you've got plans to pass the time! Happy Sunday!

  5. Glad you have your power back, but you sure made the best of it! We have power here in Memphis, but the is our first day without incessant rain! I plan to enjoy the sunshine! Enjoy your day!

  6. No power here would be a blessing in disguise, but not if it happened on a regular basis! Looks like you've found wonderful ways to spend that down time. Enjoy those moments :)

  7. I think that I'm the only person who did not put "work on TpT products" on their scoop today. LOL.


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