Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Scoop

 Good Morning!
 It's time for my favorite Sunday morning linky... Sunday Scoop.  Thanks to the Teaching Trio for hosting this fun linky.  Click the pic below if you'd like to join us.

Here's my Sunday Scoop...
 I knew it was only a matter of time.  I received my first negative feedback.  I've read a lot on the forums for how to respond to negative feedback.  It happened last night so it's not as fresh.  I waited awhile to formulate my response.  Also I'm going to respond with all my future customers in mind.  Not fun, but necessary.

I need to head to the grocery store before church.  I need to grab a couple of items for the toddlers for Sunday school.  Might grab a couple groceries too.  Depends on how my 2 littles behave.  Sometimes they're pretty good.  Other times it's a complete disaster.  We are headed to a friend's place for a bbq this afternoon to celebrate some birthdays so I also have to grab ingredients to make a salad and then make the salad to bring.

I uploaded a new product this week.  It's the first in a whole series I'm starting called One Book Wonders.  The idea behind the products is that a teacher has everything he/she needs to teach one day or more all from one book with very minimal prep.  I did my first one with The Pigeon Needs a Bath!  by Mo Willems.  They make great sub plans or fun activities for those days around testing or breaks.  Also when you finish a unit and can't start the next one and need something to fill a day or two?  It will work great.  It's CCSS Aligned too so it's not fluff.  It's material students need to be learning.  My first one was for grades 1-2.  Kindergarten and Preschool are next.  Then grades 3-4.  Click the picture below if you want to check out my first one.

My son is just starting a cold.  As of this morning he is coughing.  I'm undecided as to whether I should take him to church.  He has asthma that is triggered by colds so I'll have to decide closer to when it's time to go.  Don't want to send him if he's coughing a lot but I'm not one of those parents who keeps their kids home everytime they have a cold.

Yesterday we made new play dough.  We made kool-aid play dough!  Smells amazing!  My son is patiently waiting for me to play with him.  So off I go...

Happy Sunday!


  1. Booo! Negative feedback is no fun! I'm sure you'll handle it just the way you need to :)
    Beyond The Gradebook

  2. Boo on the negative feedback! But yay on the one-book wonder idea. Love it! I'll have to check it out as our staff voted on double block schedules next year and I'm going to need to put a couple of stations in my room for kids to do when I work with small groups. Since most of mine don't read above a 2nd grade level...anyway--have a great week :-)

  3. Sorry about the feedback. Doesn't it hurt? You take so much time and effort with the products and then that. The ones that make me crazy are the ones that are good feedback but then less than 4 stars and it brings your rating down. Whenever I get something negative I instantly think are they right, should I change the product, should I have done something different?? It is hard but I guess it is part of this job, right? Hang in there and know that you are creating awesomeness for other classrooms!!

  4. Okay I just read the feedback and ouch!! If you looked at the preview and didn't like it, why did you buy it?? I always feel like I need this great response and then I wonder - do they even read it or come back and update the product if I fix it? GRRR!!

  5. Sorry you have to deal with negative feedback! I just saw that you live in the Bahamas! I just booked my honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas and I'm very excited! I'll have to look at the itinerary and ask you for ideas on what to do when we're docked.

    Techie Turtle Teacher

  6. Hope your son is feeling better and love getting food for the little ones.

    The Dots of Teaching

  7. Also, sorry about the feedback. If you did not like it, then why buy it.

    The Dots of Teaching

    1. Good luck responding to this. I know negative feedback is the worst to receive.


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