Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tech Tuesday: Bugs and Buttons


Today I'm linking up with Marie from Two Teacher Perspectives for her Tech Tuesday link to share a great app for toddlers and preschoolers.  Click the pic to join in on the fun!

I first discovered this app a few years ago when my 7 year old was a preschooler.  Now my youngest has just turned 4 and he LOVES this app.  He actually gave me the tour and taught me how to play each game.  

Curious?  I thought so…  It's called Bugs and Buttons.  There are now several new apps that are in the bugs and buttons family.  I will share those in detail another time.  Here's Bugs and Buttons…

From a menu screen there are several games that your child can choose to play.  The thing I like about this app is that there aren't any ads popping up on the screen.  It's not a free app but it is soooo worth it!

The first game my son showed me looks like this…

In this game the buttons appear on the side and your child moves each one into a separate box.  Once they've placed them in the boxes they click on the numeral that matches.  What are they learning?  Counting, number sense, 10 frames, eye/hand coordination, and much more.

Another one…

This game is about putting the correct color button into the moving carts along the bottom of the screen.  The carts move from right to left.  The buttons appear like in the top picture.  Your child has to drag the buttons into the correct cart.  I love the "all aboard" one where you can put any button.  A home for lost buttons!  How cute!  What are they learning? colors, sorting, matching, and eye/hand coordination.

Time for number 3…

I love the realistic artwork in this game.  The sandwich and watermelon look so real!  In this game you need to "Look out for bugs!" just like it says in the top picture.  In this game bugs come crawling towards the food.  Your child needs to move them away from the food by touching them with their finger and dragging it off to the side.  More and more bugs appear and it gets increasingly more difficult.  What are they learning?  Critical thinking skills, problem solving, spatial awareness, and that good ol' hand/eye coordination.

And for my son's favorite….
This one involves a flashlight.  Enough said, right?  Every kid loves a game that involves a flashlight!  In this game all the buttons appear here together in the middle under the beam of the flashlight and then scatter and hide in the garden.  Your child is the flashlight, meaning they control it with their finger as if it is the flashlight shining down.  Your child need to use the flashlight to move around the garden and find all the buttons where they are hiding.  Talk about a great intro to hide and seek!  What are they learning?  Problem solving, critical thinking skills, perseverance, spatial awareness, and hand/eye coordination.

And for the final game…
  This one is like a puzzle.  There are button pieces scattered and your child needs to match the two together to make a complete button.  It gets more complicated by adding more buttons and more than just 2 pieces to put the button together.  If your child likes puzzles or needs practice with puzzles, this is the game for them!  What are they learning? shapes, spatial awareness, spatial problem solving, problem solving, perseverance, critical thinking skills, and hand/eye coordination.

There you have it!  One of my favorite toddler/preschool apps, Bugs and Buttons!  Hope your toddler/preschooler loves it as much as mine do.  Leave me a comment and let me know if they do.


  1. Hi Joya! Thank you for sharing this! It looks like so much fun and something the children would love to do. I had not heard of it. I hope you will link up again :)

  2. I saw this mentioned in another of your posts so I got it for our girls. I rarely pay for apps but then I'm annoyed by the ads. We were just saying last night how glad we are that we bought it. K loves playing. Some of the games are still a little tough for her at 3 but I like that she can grow into it and that there are other versions. I still feel like I'm seeing new games every time she turns it on. And I don't recognize any of the pictures above...I wonder if we have different versions. Anyway, definitely a great game. I love that they are working on actual skills and not just playing a game. Thanks for the suggestion!

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