Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Scoop ~ April 12

 Hooray for Sunday Mornings!
This week was my daughter's spring break and let me just say I am ready for her to go back to school tomorrow.  She is ready too.  I'm linking up with my friends at Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop.  Click the pic below to head over to their fabulous blog and link up too.

Here's my Sunday Scoop...

I saw this idea on a parenting post on facebook about creating a points system for the chores that your kids can do around the house.  I'm totally going to do it.  I've already explained it to my kids and they love the idea.  They can turn in their points for money (allowance), extra ipad time, or a fun activity together.  Suri is already thinking money.  Levi is thinking about a toy... how a 4 year old thinks about money.  Last night Levi dusted the downstairs and earned 10 points.  Suri cleared the table and wiped it down.  10 points.  Every 100 points equals $1.  Is 7 too young to learn to mop?  Ha ha!  The house is a mess so it's time for them to get to work!

I have a cross fit workout I have to do today.  I'm going to try and squeeze it in before church.  Otherwise it will have to happen after church before I eat lunch.  Not ideal since we get home around 1pm and I'm usually hungry and ready for lunch.

My poor blog.  All I've had time to do lately is 5 for Fridays and Sunday Scoop linkies.  Time to sit down and write all the posts I have turning around in my mind.  I just need to find the time.  Isn't that the story of our lives?

I need to decide what my kids are having for dinner tonight because...

I'm going out with my husband!!!!  We haven't been out in a couple of months.  We usually are better about getting out together but for some reason we haven't been out in awhile.  We are going to go see Insurgent and then go out for dinner after.  We are going to get to sit down at a table and eat at a normal pace.  No one is going to be wanting anything or trying to get up and run away from the table because they are bored.  We are going to sit and enjoy adult conversation.  I'm just a wee bit excited!

What are you up to today??

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  1. Loved your post! I can relate to most of it. Do you do CrossFit at a box or do you do at home workouts? My husband's been doing it for over a year, but I'm terrified to go out in public and try to make my body work that hard. I was thinking of trying it at home first.

    Have fun on your adult date! ;)


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