Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Picture Speaks for Itself...

 Before moving to the Bahamas, my husband and I were foster parents.  How/why we became foster parents is for another post or, more like a few posts.  But recently I started following The Refresh Conference on Instagram.  What is that?  It's a 3 day conference for foster and adoptive families to do just what it says... get Refreshed.  I went the first year and it was amazing!  I highly recommend going if you are foster or adoptive parent.  I was so sad that we couldn't travel to go the past 2 years while we have been here. 
I think we can all agree that parenting is hard.  Those of us who are foster and/or adoptive parents have an extra layer or many layers added onto that.  The Refresh Conference recently posted a question that I really thought long and hard about before answering.  What is the best part about being a foster parent?  I can tell you what's not, that's for sure.  :)  But I thought long and hard about what keeps me going when the going gets hard?  What makes me say yes when placement calls and asks if we can take a child or siblings?  This....


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