Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Toddler Tuesdays (and preschoolers too!)

  Welcome to Toddler Tuesdays... where I share what we do in our toddler/preschooler story time.

We start our story hour at 10:30 every Tuesday morning.  Our ages range from 1 year olds to 4 year olds.  So when I plan I try really hard to choose books, songs, crafts, and snacks that everyone can enjoy.  When we first started story hour there were three of us leading the activities.  Now it's down to just me.  I do have to say that there are some awesome moms who step up and help with everything now that I'm on my own.

When we started story hour we used to sing songs, read the book, do a craft, and eat snack.  A few weeks back my son requested that we read the book first.  I thought, "why not?"  You know what?  It was genius!  We always struggled getting everyone to sit and listen to the book after singing songs.  No more.  They sit really well for the story and then are ready to move around and sing our songs.  So that's how we roll now.  :)

Today it was all about trees.  I chose this book. 

I'm 99% sure that this is a reprint/newer edition of a book I loved as a child.  When I found it at a book sale I had to buy it.  I LOVE this book.  There is so much for kids to access.  They are learning about trees, seasons, and animals.  All from one book.  The kiddos enjoyed puffing up their cheeks like chipmunks and making animal noises as we read each page.  Who doesn't love to "cheep cheep" like a bird or "Whoooo whoooo" like an owl??  I also pointed out how the tree is changing as the seasons change.

We also talked about the parts of the tree.

They loved the book.

Then it was time to get our wiggles out and sing.  Here's our current song list:

Now onto our craft!  We made trees today.  I had the parents trace their child's hand and wrist/arm on brown paper with a pencil and cut it out.  This is the tree trunk.  Most of the kids are able to glue now or do most of the gluing so they glued their brown paper on a piece of white construction paper.  Then the fun part began!  We used pink paint and finger painted leaves on our trees using one finger.  I have some kiddos who are reluctant to get their fingers dirty and just don't like to have paint on their hands or fingers.  Guess what?  It wasn't a problem this time.  Look at those fingers hard at work making leaves for their trees...
 Look!  Falling leaves!

 Love his expression!

 Someone is being very careful!

Look how careful she is being to use one finger!

Here's what one looks like when it's all done. 

Then it was snack time.  Sometimes we try and do snacks that go with the theme.  Other times not.  When there were 3 of us working together we came up with some really cute snacks.  Now that it's just me the moms help me out and bring snacks.  Today it was my turn though and I went with our theme of trees.  I sent my husband to the store to buy pretzels and grapes this morning.  The store was out of normal pretzels.  (Bahamas problems)  So he got these Everything pretzel sticks.  They worked.  The parents liked them more than the kids so it was a win-win.  Kids ate the grapes, parents ate the pretzel sticks.

And there you have it!
Happy Tuesday!


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