Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Second Stitch Fix!

Hello Again Friends!

I'm so excited to share my second Stitch Fix with you!  I was thrilled that it arrived yesterday, just in time to share it with my book club friends.  They love seeing what's in my box and having me try stuff on for them.  I love the opinions and feedback that they give me and the ideas for ways to wear what's in my box.  I'll explain more later.  But for now... here it is!

Item number one is a Market and Spruce Camille Striped Pocket-Front Tank.  I love the color and the fit.  It's also super comfortable.  As you can see I have cream linen pants to pair it with already.  I wore this outfit to book club last night.  This is a keeper!

Item number two is a Gilli Nicky Striped Faux Wrap Jersey Dress.  I'm in love with the color.  It's one of my favorites.  It's stretchy, comfy, versatile, and a keeper for sure!

Items three and four are the Papermoon Chileno Split Neck Blouse and the Pixley June Polka Dot Skirt.  At first I was reluctant to keep the pink blouse.  I was trying it on and leaving it out hanging.  I see what the stylist is thinking with a slim pencil skirt and then a blouse that is loose and flowing, but it just didn't look right.  Book club friends to the rescue!!!!  My friend Gina suggested tucking the blouse in and puffing it out a bit.  She also suggested that it would probably look better out and loose with a pair of skinny jeans.  So thanks to my girlfriends... both of these are keepers.  The skirt is almost a velour material on the outside and is stretchy so it's super comfortable. 

My last item is a Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan.  I had the hubs take two pictures.  One with it open, the other with it zipped.  It flows nicely while open and is more form fitting when zipped.  I'm in love!!!  If you read my last month's post on my fix there was a cover-up but it just didn't work for me.  This one is just what I need.  It's pricey but I figure I'll take really good care of it and use it all the time.  I get cold sitting inside in the air conditioning when I'm working so this will be my go-to cardigan.  It's worth it.  :)

So this Stitch Fix was a huge success.  I'm excited to have the pieces that I got.  The best part is that you get to leave feedback for your stylist and a note about what you want in your next fix.  Are you interested in trying it too?  Help me out and use my link. I get a $25 credit for every referral that signs up using my link.  Then you can pass your link on to your friends!  Now that I've got some cute clothes for the Teachers Pay Teachers conference in Vegas this summer, I'm going to be looking for some more everyday casual wear.  Stay tuned for next month's fix!



  1. I love your fix! My favorite is the pink tank with pocket! I may have to have my next fix come sooner than August!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I think I'm going to do one more in June before the TpT conference and then take a break for a couple of months. I'll start up again once we know where we are moving next and I know what I'm going to need.

  2. Love it! You got great stuff. I love the striped tank top. That looks so comfy. And the cardigan is so fun, especially zipped up - just a different look than your traditional cardigans. So fun!!!



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