Saturday, June 6, 2015

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark Family Day!

Hello Friends!
Ok, so there are a few perks to living in the Bahamas for two years.  One of them happens to be Atlantis.  We've been to Atlantis to eat, to see the aquarium, and just to wander around.  Yesterday we finally went and enjoyed a day as a family at the waterpark.  They were having a residents special that made it affordable.  Otherwise it's super expensive!!!!  That would be a downside... Atlantis is here, but soooo expensive.  But on to the fun we had...

 This is the slide that Suri is DYING to go on.  She wants to race her dad down this slide sooooo bad!  There's a timer clock for each slide so it's real official.  :)  You have to be 48 inches to ride any of the tall slides and she falls short by 1 measly inch!!!  Poor girl!  The Challenger will have to wait until next time.

So it was off to the kids Splash Park and slides... aptly named Splashers.  My kids LOVE this area!  We played here on and off for the majority of the day.

 Check out the little guy trying to get out of her way!

Suri and her dad

 I just LOVE her expression!

After awhile we did multiple rides down the Rapids River.  Suri and Levi are allowed ride this one with life jackets on and with an adult.  Wiley and Levi rode together while Suri and I rode together on innertubes.  The rapids were a hoot!  The kids were screaming and laughing at the same time!  I think we rode it 4 times.  I don't have any pictures because we forgot Wiley's waterproof camera and I wasn't bringing my iphone on that ride!  Next time for sure...

Then we headed back towards Splashers and discovered this pool that also has some kid waterslides.  They played here happily for awhile as well.

After lunch we decided to wander around the waterpark and make sure we had found all there was to offer.  And oh my my...

Seriously... the party pool!  Music was thumping, my kids were swimming and dancing in the water, and we all just had a blast!  Singing along, dancing, swimming, too much fun!

Then the kids decided that they wanted to end the day back at Splashers.  I told you they loved it!  At this point in the day there weren't a lot of kids and our kids are good swimmers.  So mom and dad found chairs where we could see them and we got to sit down and relax!  We have come so far!  We remember the days of holding their hands and going everywhere with them.  All I can say is "We have arrived and it feels so good!"

The nice thing about Atlantis is packing dry clothes, stuffing them in a locker, and being able to change into them at the end of the day.  We got our dry clothes on and walked back through Atlantis to head back to our car.  Suri has been dying for me to take her picture in this chair.  Everytime we pass by it there's a line of tourists taking pictures there.  Finally no line!  

You want to know another great thing about spending the day at the waterpark?  Our kids were exhausted!!!  You know what that means, don't you?  Yup!  Levi fell asleep on the way home.  All we had to do was transfer him to his bed.  And Suri?  So tired she walked right upstairs and crawled into bed with no arguments.  And they were out!  Sadly, we were tired too.  So we made some dinner and watched an episode of Fixer Upper on our DVR (our current favorite show!) and then went to bed ourselves.  Such a fun day!  Great family memories made!


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