Friday, June 19, 2015

Five for Friday ~ June 19

Hello Friends!

Happy Summer!  As I've been visiting everyone's blogs I've loved seeing everyone's pictures of what they are already busy doing.  As I sit here writing this I have 4 children over for a playdate.  Actually, one of them is mine.  But I have a 2 year old, 2 4 year olds, and a 5 year old.  The 3 girls are busy playing with play-doh and my son is busy entertaining them and making them laugh.  So let's get this Five for Friday started!  Thanks to Kacey from Doodlebugs Teaching for hosting!  Click the pic below to learn more or join in.

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Today is Suri's last day of school!  For a couple weeks anyways... She will be starting summer school at a new school.  But for today, it's the last day and her last day at Windsor Prep here in the Bahamas.

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My husband and I pulled off an epic surprise last weekend.  We booked a last minute cheap deal to Florida for his 4 day weekend.  When I say last minute, I mean I had 24 hours to pack everyone and do it on the sly.  We had the kids clueless that we were going away until we got them out of the truck at the airport and showed them their suitcases in the back.  Here they are in front of the airport.  At this point they know we are going somewhere but have no idea where!

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We finally told them we were headed to Florida after we got through security and customs.  We added the surprise that we were headed to see Winter and Hope from the Dolphin Tale movies the next day.  Screams of delight!!!  When we arrived in Florida the kids told the pilot that "It was a great flight!"  He let them come up in the cockpit and taught them a little about how the plane works.  Oh my word!  How could this trip get any better???

Friday it was off to meet Winter and Hope!

Winter with her new tail!

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We finally heard back for where we are headed next.... The Crawford family is moving home to Seattle!!!  We are very excited to be going back home.  We anticipate being home just before Christmas.  Seattle... here we come!
Seattle--A really nice, number one place to spend a special occasion with a special someone, see museums and bookstores, not to mention Pike Place. Would be nice to have dinner or lunch at the Space Needle for the first time.

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This week for preschool story hour we read Blueberries for Sal... a classic!  For the art project I came up with the idea to have the kiddos make their own blueberry baskets.  Not pinterest inspired... yay me!  :) 

I cut the brown strips for the kiddos so they could focus on the gluing and the criss-cross pattern.
 First they put their strips on in one direction.

Then they glued them on in the opposite direction.

Then we added the side strips and blueberries.  We did blueberries with our fingers by dipping them in blue paint.  "Ker-plink!"  "Ker-plank!"  "Ker-plunk!"

Then we used a brown marker to add a handle... ta da!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!  Vegas is getting closer!!!  Are you going??  I am and I'm so excited!  Hope to see you there!



  1. I'm assuming that moving back to the states is happy news for your family so CONGRATS

  2. Oh wow - i bet your children absolutely LOVED being able to go in the cockpit! What a fablous thing for the crew to do for you all! Good luck with your move! :)

  3. What a great trip! I'm so glad you pulled off the surprise. I bet the kids had a great time. Seattle was not what I was expecting to hear but I'm so happy that you get to go back home! We'll have to catch up soon...and in a few weeks in person!!!


  4. WOOOHOOOO!!!!! I can't wait to get you back:) I can't wait to see you in Vegas AND here all about your awesome trip!!!


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