Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tell All Tuesday...My Lie Reveal!

Hello Friends!

Did you read my post for Tell All Tuesday?  Tell All Tuesday is a new summer linky party hosted my by friends at My Day in K and Teach Talk Inspire.

The theme this week was two truths and a lie.

Here were my two truths and a lie...
  • I spent my junior year of high school abroad as an exchange student.  I spent the year in Switzerland and learned to speak fluent German.  I lived with two different families.  I was able to travel some throughout Europe and am looking forward to taking my husband and children some day.
  • I play both piano and flute.  I started piano at the age of 7.  I started flute at the age of 9.  I get terrible nerves when performing on the piano.  I'm completely fine playing the flute.  Performing for the panels of piano professors at the end of each semester in college were probably my most terrifying experiences while playing piano.
  • I've always wanted to be a teacher and never anything else.
And the lie was... #3!  For a long time I really wanted to be a meteorologist.  I even took a meteorology course in college but found the science and math really difficult.  Teaching has always been a huge part of me so on to teaching it was!

Did you guess right?  Tune in this coming Tuesday for another fun way to get to know each other!  I hope you link up!


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