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Five for Friday ~ August 14, 2015


Hello Friends!
Happy Friday!  It's a good Friday in our house.  My husband has a 4 day weekend this weekend and we are looking forward to lots of family time.  He only gets weekends off every 6 weeks.  So the 4 day weekends are special.  It's also my daughter's last day of summer school until school starts again on September 2.  Thanks to Kacey from Doodlebugs Teaching for hosting this fab linky.  Click the picture to join in on the fun!

This week I have been working on copying all the photos on my laptop onto a USB drive.  My mac is 8 years old and still chugging along.  When I took it in to the Apple Store the last time I was in the states they recommended I remove the photos to help speed my computer up.  So as I've been doing this I've stumbled across some fun photos.  This Five for Friday is five fun photos that I found...

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I LOVE this picture.  I used to come home from work on my husband's days off and he and Suri would be building her "castle".  Correction, her daddy would be building her castle around her.  It was one of her favorite things to do with her daddy.  We had a LOT of megablocks.  :)

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She was a fashionista from an early age... what else can I say??
So was Levi.  It must run in the family...
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Count them... 4 kids!  What a crazy, fun, exhausting, whirlwind year that was!  4 kids ages 4 and under.  Levi is the droopy dragon.  He ended up falling asleep in the stroller as we took the other three out trick-or-treating.  Looking back it was one of the best years of our lives.  Suri still considers the boys her brothers and they are forever family to us.

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One of my faves of Suri and Levi.  With four kids at the time I didn't catch as many of these brother sister pictures as I could have but this one sure is precious.  Levi is probably 5 months.  Suri would be 3 years old.

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 I just love this picture I took of Levi and his daddy walking.  I remember this day because it had been raining for a few days (What?  Rain in Seattle?) and the kids were restless.  We went out for a walk during a welcome break in the rain.  Levi is about 20 months in this picture, so still toddling around.



  1. What sweet pictures. I love that MegaBlocks castle. We have no where that many but I'm thinking it would be fun to get them. :)

    My Bright Blue House

  2. Your kids are adorable :) Enjoy your four day weekend with your gorgeous family!

  3. Adorable photos. It's always so nice when you get an unexpected look back at such precious memories.

  4. Isn't it fun to go through all photos! Our kids were kids before it was common to have all this digital photo technology, so we have been scanning old "real" photos into our laptops so we can keep them. I just LOVE looking at them and remembering... and sometimes sobbing as my eldest gets ready to MOVE to SEATTLE in a couple weeks.... Hang on to all the good moments when they are little... See ya, Joya. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  5. Your family is absolutely adorable!!!! I especially love the Halloween pics. Too cute =)

    Kindergarten Teacher at the Wheel


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