Friday, August 28, 2015

Five for Friday ~ August 28, 2015

Happy Friday!
I'm up early before my kids this morning and figured I'd link up for my favorite linky party... Five for Friday!  Thanks to Kacey from Doodlebugs Teaching for hosting each and every Friday.  Click the picture to join in on the fun!

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Man, are we in for a weekend here in the Bahamas.  Thanks to tropical storm Erika... things look like they are going to get interesting.  I live right about where the S is in Bahamas.  We are preparing for extensive flooding and no power for days... Did I mention that it's still mid 90s and humid?  Ugh!

My daughter's anxiety is pretty high right now with the storm coming.  I've been trying to help her understand what is going to happen and what won't happen.  I was given the advice to have lots of comfort food around to help ease the stress of the flooding and power outages.  So I made some chocolate chip cookies and whole wheat banana muffins.  No power needed to enjoy these!

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It has been stormy already this week.  We've already endured a couple long power outages and the tropical storm isn't even here yet.  Here's my two enjoying a little screen time while we still had power.  My daughter is very afraid of thunder so we used Dolphin Tale 2 to distract her.  Brother is enjoying some Power Rangers.  

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I started a blog post series about what it's like to be a teacher and have your own child struggle with reading.  The first two posts were some real honest talk.  The most recent post included some action steps parents can start to take when their children are struggling with reading.  I meant to get another post done this week about the intensive reading intervention I'm doing but storm prep has taken over.  Hopefully I'll get it posted sometime next week.  You can catch up on the series here

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Tuesday was our last preschool story hour.  Can I just say that I have the best friends and moms?  They spoiled me!  I wasn't expecting any gifts and I received a gift certificate for a massage, a teacher Tervis cup, and some authentic Bahamian gifts.  Not to mention some adorable cards from the kids!  I am so sad that it has ended but excited for everyone to head off to school, many for the first time. 
In honor of school starting we read School Bus by Donald Crews.

For the art project I drew buses on fingerpainting paper with a black sharpie.  I love this paper from Melissa and Doug.  It holds a lot of paint and gives the kids lots of room.  Then I mixed shaving cream and yellow and black paint.  The kids had fun painting their buses.  I'm in love with how they turned out.

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I haven't felt very creative this week.  Everytime I sat down to try and create a million other things were running through my mind that I had to do.  Awhile back I started a new series of products called One Book Wonders.  The idea is that all a teacher needs is one book and a few basic classroom supplies to teach a day or two.  They make great sub plans or plans for filler days before and after breaks, before or after testing, etc...  To this point I made one and it has been doing really well this week.  I really want to make one for preschool/kindergarten but have been afraid to lately with copyright fears going around lately.  The other challenge is that we don't want our preschoolers doing a bunch of worksheets.  So I've decided on a book and I hope to have it done within a week or two.  (I say two because I don't know what the power situation will be like this upcoming week.)  My current one is using the book The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems.  It is for grades 1-2.  Click the picture to grab it in my store.

The newest one will be using the book I'm Brave!  This should be timely with fire safety month approaching and there's never a bad time to teach it the rest of the year...
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On that note, my 4 year old just wandered downstairs and is wondering what I'm doing on my computer.  Time to wrap this up and get him his breakfast.  To all my friends in South Florida... stay safe and take care as the storm heads your way after us.

Happy Friday!



  1. Hi Ya, Joya! Well, hang in there... you won't be down in the Bahamas too much longer so this biggie storm might be your family's last. I love the bus art! The One Book Wonder idea is a GREAT one. See you next time! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. Love your bus pictures. I also LOVE Mo Willems!

    My Bright Blue House

  3. I love your One Book Wonder idea! I just added it to my wishlist.
    Not very fancy


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