Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sunday at Sandy Toes... A Perfect Beach Day!

Hello Friends!
What a wonderful weekend it was!  My husband had 4 days off and we really tried to enjoy it to its fullest.  We decided to head out to Sandy Toes (Rose Island) for the day on Sunday.  We hadn't been out there in over a year.  It's so gorgeous and peaceful out there.  Sundays are the days they welcome locals with their boats and everyone enjoys the beach, the bar, and the grill.  Well, we don't have our own boat but they will take you out there on theirs for a very reasonable price.  So off we went...

 We love the boat rides out to different islands.  There's nothing like the beautiful color of the water and the breeze in your face on a hot day.

I couldn't agree more!

We headed straight for the beach.

The water is so warm right now.  I just love floating around and relaxing.  I probably spent the first couple hours in the water.

So did my daughter...

My son equally loves the sand and the water.  We call him sandman at the beach.

Someone found a very recently dead barracuda in the water and brought him ashore to show the kids.  They loved it.  They spent a good deal of time moving him to a spot where he could be easily observed.  Science at the beach!

Sunday is the day Bahamians bring their boats out to Sandy Toes.  The locals hang out up at the beach bar, you can order food from the grill, and chill in the water.  My daughter's friend from school was there with her family.  The girls spent a majority of the afternoon jumping off their boat.  Here's a view of about half the boats...
As the afternoon was winding down we'd had enough sun and were ready for some shade.  We headed up to the bar and deck and enjoyed some non-alcoholic pina coladas...
Anyone else singing along right now too??

Sadly 5:30 rolled around and we had to head to the boat for our ride back.  There was a group of 4 people who nearly missed the boat.  We had already pulled away when they came down to the dock.  Our captain had warned us that the boat leaves on time.  He said his boss would've told him to leave them but he just couldn't do it.  So we went back for them.  This boat doesn't run on island time!  

Somebody fell asleep shortly after for the whole ride back...

It was a great day.  Everyone had so much fun.  We are trying to enjoy our time here as we only have about 3 months left.  Days like this make me wish we could stay forever...


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  1. Joya, what a WONDERFUL day! You live in paradise, truly... how does anybody get any work done? I know you are taking the time to enjoy every minute of your life right now, as it should be. I hope to at least see your tropical islands at some point in my life. Love the pina colada pic :) Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom


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