Saturday, August 1, 2015

What's in Your Cart? ~ A Back to School Linky Party

Hello Friends!
I can hardly believe it's back to school time already.  Where did the summer go?  This Fall I'm not in the classroom but anticipate returning as a sub by January.  We are moving back to the states this fall and I hope to be all settled by January and start getting back into the swing of things.  In the meantime I've been busy filling my cart for the upcoming SALE!!!  I just LOVE when TpT has their sitewide sales!  I have a 4 year old son and an 8 year old daughter so I do a little shopping for everyone.  This time...myself included.  Click any of the pics to head over to add them to your cart.

Thanks to The Speech Room News for hosting this fun linky!  Click the pic to join in on the fun.

What's In Your Cart LInky Party

First some suggestions from my store...

This is a fantastic resource for when you have to have a sub unexpectedly and don't have time (or want to) write sub plans.  It also works for those in between days when you need fun and engaging activities that are CCSS aligned.  It is a complete cross-curricular unit.  All you need is the book and a few basic classroom supplies.  All the lesson plans are typed out in detail.  See the pics below for a detailed preview.  Best part?  It's only $5.

 I just recently finished bundling a majority of my math resources and games.  This is an awesome bundle and it is a growing bundle.  If you purchase it during the sale you will get all new games and resources for free for life!  It's $16 now for 9 games/resources.  The price will rise as I add more games and resources to it.  This bundle includes several of my famous SPLAT games.  It's played similar to slap jack and is classroom tested and approved!  The kids ask to play SPLAT all year long.  They can't get enough!

The bundle currently includes:
2 Digit Place Value Apple SPLAT
Ten Frame Apple SPLAT
Candy Corn Craze (Math portion)
Fall Math Fun
Snowball SPLAT! The Bundle (5 games)
Telling Time Springtime SPLAT!

I'm thinking you'll be wanting fun ways to teach and reinforce those sight words.  How about through a fun sight word game called KABOOM?  I played this with my second graders with their sight words on Fridays in guided reading groups.  They LOVE this game.  Here's a bundle of the first 400 FRY words KABOOM games.

Ok... so here's what's in my cart... so far!  There will probably be more!

Fall Into Reading: CCSS Aligned Leveled Reading Passages a
Do you follow 2 Literacy Teachers?  They have the most AMAZING reading passages with text dependent questions.  These are so great for my daughter who struggles with reading comprehension.  There's also fun vocabulary games included so it's not all work and no play.  :)

Money: Counting Coins Math Stations - Ready, Set, Go Centers! 
I can't wait to try these with my daughter!  Sara's ready, set, go centers are amazing!  There's very little prep involved and they are ready to go.  When you've been living in the Bahamas for 2 years it's important to practice counting our US coins!

Comprehension Notebook {2nd Grade Edition} 
I did the first grade version of this with my daughter a couple years ago.  She LOVED it.  We will use these in conjunction with our Fall themed passages from 2 Literacy Teachers. 

I'm thinking I might need some sparkle this time around so I've got these in my cart...
                                 Glitter Alphabet Letters Clip Art [Uppercase & Punctuation]Glitter Alphabet Letters Clip Art [Lowercase & Punctuation]           

Beautiful Bunting Pennant Banners Clip Art [NEONS] 

I'm definitely going to need that code to save even more this year...

What's in your cart?? 


  1. Your games look so fun!! Also, I am loving that clip art that you picked out... may have to add it to my own cart! ;)
    Maternelle avec Mme Andrea

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  3. The Pigeon books are the best!

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