Monday, September 28, 2015

Be On the Lookout "BOLO"~ a brand new linky!

Hello Friends!
Today I'm linking up with Stephanie from Principal Principles, Ashley from Just Reed, and Brooke from Teaching Outside the Box for their fabulous new linky... BOLO or "Be on the look out".  What's this linky all about?  It's about sharing products that are currently in the creation phase so we as a teacher community can be on the lookout for great new products for our classrooms.

Today I'm sharing School Supply SPLAT! with you.  Do you know my SPLAT! games?  SPLAT! is played similar to slapjack.  Did you ever play slapjack as a kid?  I can't seem to stop making SPLAT! games for my store.  I have long vowels, short vowels, telling time, shapes, alphabet, numbers, place value, ten frames, and now.....

How do you play?  Simple!  Students can play in partners or in small groups.  The deck of cards is shuffled and the dealer deals out all the cards to the players one at a time.  Play begins when the dealer says "1 - 2 - 3 - SPLAT!"  This is the cue for students to play their first card.  Students will play their top card in the middle at the same time.  If there is a match (2 number sentences are the same or have the same answer, number sentence matches an answer card played, or SPLAT card is played) it is a race to splat (or slap)the cards.  The student who does this first gets the pile of cards for themselves.  Winner is the student with the most cards in their pile when play ends or all the cards have been played.  This product is currently finished and is undergoing classroom testing.  :)

Here's a peek...

What's great about this game is that you can differentiate very easily.  Choose only the facts that your students need practice with.  Got Kinders?  Maybe start with all the +0 facts...
 Got second or third graders?  Maybe they are ready for their +9 facts...
 Got firsties?  Subtraction can be tricky.  Start easy with -1 facts.
 Got fact masters?  Let them start higher... maybe the -8s?
 I've included answer cards for numbers 0-20.  For younger students you'll want to make multiple copies of the answer cards so they have a higher success rate with making matches.

Then there are the all-important SPLAT! cards.  These cards hold all the power in a game of SPLAT!  If you play a SPLAT! card the whole pile of cards in the middle becomes yours!

 I used these games in my classroom and friends of mine currently love using them in their classrooms.  Be on the lookout for my latest edition of SPLAT! to be uploaded and available in my store by Wednesday!


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