Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Currently... September 2015

Hello Friends!
Where did summer go?  I feel like I blinked and it was gone!  We are currently enjoying my daughter's last day of summer vacation before she heads back to school tomorrow morning.  I'm linking up with Farley for her fabulous monthly linky.  Click here to join in on the fun!

Here's what I'm up to currently...

Suri starts third grade tomorrow!  My baby, my 4 year old starts Montessori on Monday!!!  When did that happen?  How is he old enough?  He's going from no school to school every day all day.  That will be a bit of an adjustment but I think he'll love it! 

We are moving back to the states sometime in November or December.  We just want our date already.  They give us 60 days notice.  Our anniversary date is November 17 so we are hoping for a date in the next 2 weeks.  That means we get to go home to Seattle for Thanksgiving.

Our downstairs ac is on the fritz again.  We probably forgot to change the filter or something.  The hubs gets home at 1:30 and we are going to figure out what is going on.  I really don't want to call our landlord again.  It's hot but our upstairs ac is working so I'm doing laundry upstairs as an excuse to get to go upstairs.  :)

We have a big international move coming.  I started purging some kids toys this past weekend.  I have so much more to do.  After I finish purging I need to organize everything.  We either carry it in our suitcases, send it on our air shipment, or put it in our household goods shipment.  3 different shipments, 3 different colors of post-it notes.  Lastly, our transition here was rough.  Rough on everyone.  This time I am going to work hard to make sure our transition back home is a good one and smooth one for everyone.  Since I won't be going back to the classroom for a couple months after we get back, this is priority number one.  This will be my job.

What are you up to Currently?  I'm off to catch up with everyone!


  1. I hope the move home is smooth! When we were waiting on orders, it was miserable just waiting! Hopefully you'll know soon and that will ease some stress :)

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  2. How crazy, my husband and I are Seattlites and your anniversary falls on his birthday! November is a popular month. Best of luck getting your family to Seattle by Thanksgiving. The city will be aflame with red and orange leaves by that time, if there are any left at all! Some trees have already started turning after the storms in August.

    You should totally make a post about your moving organizational system. I always lay the best plans during a move only to have them all fall apart in the last two weeks! Best of luck to you and your family and preemptive welcome from Seattle!

    An Exceptional Education

  3. Your move certainly sounds like a big adventure. I admire your organization, fortitude, and desire to make it a good one. You definitely sound like you have a plan in mind that would make a great blog post. I hope you have a wonderful time back in Seattle and a happy anniversary.

  4. Best of luck with the move! I simply cannot even imagine.
    Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper


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