Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stitch Fixes #3 and #4

Hi Friends!
I've fallen behind in sharing my Stitch Fixes.  Here's what I've received the past couple of months for my fixes #3 and #4...


Stitch Fix #3 was all summer clothes and I have been wearing all 5 pieces regularly.  Yup, I kept all five!  It's still hot and humid here so summer clothes are still what I am wearing every day.  Here's my 5...

 Here I am on my way to Vegas for the TpT conference back in July.  This tank top is made of a super light weight sweater-type material.  It's so soft and goes great with dark skinny jeans or my white linen pants.  It was super comfortable to travel in and is one of my favorite tops still. 

That's me 2nd from the right wearing my navy and white pixley tank top.  LOVE this top.  So flowy and light weight.  It's perfect for the Bahamas and it was great in Vegas too!

I'm on the left.  This is a sheer tank that requires a tank underneath but I love the orange.  This tank is by Fate.  The stripes are on the back too.

This dress I'm in love with...  love the 3/4 sleeves.  This is a favorite of mine to wear to church since the AC there makes it very chilly sometimes.  It's by Pixley.  The tie at the waist makes it very flattering and it's easy to throw on a wrap over it as a cover-up.

This is probably one of my other all-time Stitch Fix faves... the Collective Concepts keyhole blouse.  Again, lightweight and breathable.  I love wearing it with my navy shorts or a pair of skinny jeans.  Love love love!


For Stitch Fix #4 I requested some Seattle-worthy clothes since we will be moving back there in November or December.  I honestly don't remember what I have waiting for me in storage from 2 years ago and who knows if it'll fit and still be somewhat stylish.  I figure it will be nice to have a few current pieces.

My stylist said they were still getting in their Fall pieces but sent me this adorable black sweater with the elbow patches by Market and Spruce.

She also sent me the skirt but I didn't keep it because I had one that was nearly identical...

This also happened with a pair of jeans she sent me...

She sent me this adorable summer plaid sleeveless top by Mo Vint which I kept...

And my other keeper was this Market and Spruce terry hoodie striped pull-over.  Normally I'm not a big fan of horizontal stripes but it's so comfortable and I think the thinner stripes on the sleeves help give it a more flattering look.

Both fixes were great.  I've been lucky to keep the same stylist for all my fixes so far.  She's been great.  The fact that I had two pieces that I didn't keep didn't bother me at all since they were pieces that I already had in my wardrobe and wear on a regular basis.

My next fix is due any day now and that one should have some more Fall pieces to enjoy...

Until then!


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