Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween and Pumpkins Week Day 1!

This week is a busy one around here with all the Halloween festivities going on both at my daughter's school and in the community.  Living in the Bahamas, there are no pumpkin patches to go to, but there are lots of fun experiences to be had.  I decided to do some fun Halloween and pumpkin theme activities with my kiddos this week.  My son is on Fall break and my daughter just loves it when I get out the crafts! 

We started by carving our pumpkins on Sunday.  There was a pumpkin carving event for our US community here that the kids were really looking forward to.  After attending last year, we learned to carve the tops off our pumpkins and scoop out the seeds ahead of time.


The finished products...
OK... I have to be honest.  Mom and dad did most of the carving... but everyone had fun anyways.  :)

Then Monday I decided to do a craft with the kiddos.  I remembered I had some of these lying around...
So we got these pumpkins out.  We got out the black construction paper, a couple pairs of scissors and glue sticks.  It was time to make jack-o-lanterns!

First... careful gluing.

Give it a good pat and stick it down.

For Suri I drew her pieces and let her cut them out.  For Levi I had to draw and cut the pieces out for him.

Then it was time to glue the pieces on.

Sadly Levi promptly tore his project to pieces but here's Suri's final project...

Check back tomorrow where I share our pumpkin "stained glass" window projects and a fun Halloween freebie!


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