Friday, October 30, 2015

Letting go and going with the flow...

Well, I had plans to post every day this week about the fun projects I was doing with my kids to get them in the Halloween spirit and to bring a little Fall fun to our home.  Then...
*there were impromptu playdates
*the a/c broke upstairs
*school fees had to be paid
*travel funding came through and arrangements had to be made
*my little man just wanted to play

Life, life is what happened.  Sometimes I just have to remember that I have to let go of all the "plans" and just go with the flow.

I asked my little man if he had a fun week home with momma.  His response was "Yes!  The best week ever!"  What did we do?  We played.  We played with friends.  We played at the park.  We played transformers.  We played restaurant.  We went for stick hunts.  We built a fort.

We didn't get to all my "plans".  But that's ok.  We had fun.  We read all my pumpkin and Halloween theme books I kept from my classroom supply.

We did get to a couple projects.  I posted about one project here.  The other day we helped some neighbor friends out.  They are moving and needed the kids out of the house.  Their kids are the same ages as ours and are really good friends.  We had everyone over here and I pulled out a pumpkin project.  They loved it.  I found the idea by crafts on sea on pinterest.

First I cut up some orange and yellow tissue paper squares and pumpkin outlines from orange construction paper.

Then I grabbed some laminating sheets and opened them.  I laid the pumpkin outlines on the open laminating sheets for each kid and let them go to town filling the pumpkin in with tissue paper squares.  Note... turn off your a/c or heat vents if they are nearby.  Our a/c came on and blew the tissue paper squares everywhere.  :)

When the kids were done filling the tissue paper squares in I closed up the laminating sheet and ran it through the laminator.  Then I trimmed the outline of the pumpkin for the younger two.  My daughter and her friend were able to do their own trimming.

Ta da!  A beautiful stained glass style pumpkin window decoration!

Happy Halloween!

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