Monday, February 1, 2016

Currently... February 2016


I'm back!  Back from the land of huge international moving, that is.  I figured no better way to get back to blogging with a Currently, right?  Thanks to Farley for hosting this fab link-up.  Here's what I'm up to currently...

Nothing better than the 80s right?  Best. Music. Decade. Ever.

We have been in our home for about 6 weeks now.  We finally got our shipment of our stuff from the Bahamas last week.  While much is damaged or missing we are happy to have our stuff.

I'd never wish a teacher to get sick but I need to work!  I'm subbing on my husband's days off right now and I need to work Thursday and Friday.  I'm not saying they have to get sick... maybe just a mental health day??

I really want to finish getting my office put together.  It's hard when you move.  You just want it all right away.  Baby steps...

I NEED to work on my resume.  The hiring pools open this week for the district I want a job in for the Fall.

I'm in love with our down quilt.  Seriously.  I have been sooooo cold coming back to winter weather after living in the Bahamas.  Under my quilt is my happy and warm place.  Swoon!

What are you up to currently??



  1. If you were near me I would definitely let you sub for me as I need a mental health day! Good luck unpacking and the job hunt! Enjoy the 80s music! I love it too. :)

  2. I could use a mental health day! I would get you in a heart beat! I hope everything goes well in the move for you! Good luck on finding a new job and just keep that 80's music going! It makes everything better!

  3. I think several teachers are at the point where they would love to have a sub come and take over for them this week! I hope you're able to land something soon though!

    Coming from the Bahamas! I know that must've been really nice! I would love to teach in the Caribbean some day!

    Hope the job search goes well! Happy Teaching!

  4. Ahhh couldn't we all use a mental health day?! I wish it wasn't so hard to take off.

    Happy February!

    School and the City

  5. I would totally take a mental health day if it didn't take me 2-3 hours to get ready for a day off! :)

    I TOTALLY LOVE 80s music too. My favorite!


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