Tuesday, December 31, 2019

December Gingerbread Unit

These last two weeks were gingerbread everything here in first grade.  We started with a GLAD style unit where we read a different gingerbread tale every day.  Then we wrote the story elements into a input chart.  We kept a whole chart as a class and each student had their own individual gingerbread folder where they did their own gingerbread input chart. 
Gingerbread Folder Covers

Gingerbread Input Chart

Gingerbread Input Chart

We were also immersed in our subtraction unit.  I used my gingerbread math subtraction stations.  I keep my stations pretty much the same in that there is always a teacher table station, dice station, spinner station, technology station (our students do iReady), and then either interactive notebooking, problem solving, or dominoes for an independent work station.  I am blessed to only have 20 students this year (I had 27 two years ago!) and so there are only 4 students at each station.  
Gingerbread Subtraction Math Stations

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We celebrated the end of our gingerbread unit with a gingerbread house making party. I invite parents in and it’s a fun time for all.  Younger siblings are invited too!  I collect milk cartons, wash them out, then let them dry.  Then I hot glue them onto red plastic plates and hot glue them closed. Now it’s all up to the students to make it their own!  I do a sign-up genius and parents send in all the supplies.  We use what we get and they are always adorable!  Cries of ”This is the best day ever!” were heard again and again.  
Music to my ears.  J


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