Monday, January 20, 2020

Martin Luther King Jr.

Hello Friends!
  Well, thanks to 3 fabulous snow days last week we are a little behind in our learning about Martin Luther King, Jr.  We got back to school on Thursday with a 2hr delay and then Friday was a regular day.
Here's a couple pics from those days... I can't resist.  It's so beautiful here when it snows!

Have you ever had something pop up on a Pinterest feed from a teacher friend of yours and you were like "Oh yeah!  Totally forgot that we used to do that!"  Let me explain...

Do you know about 2 literacy teachers?  If not, go check them out on TpT and on their blog now!  Lindsey and her mom are a powerful team.  Lindsey and I taught second grade together for 5 years.  Her blog post of Martin Luther King activities popped up on my Pinterest feed and that inspired my "oh yeah" moment.

We started with a GLAD pictoral input chart.

I didn't teach this all at once.  I broke it up over 2 days.  This next week I will remove the pictures and have the students practice putting the pictures in the correct places.  I have them work in partners or small groups.  They also say the text that goes with the pictures.

I also read Martin's Big Words by Doreen Rappaport.  If you don't know this book you can check it out here on amazon.  I like the simplicity, powerful pictures that promote discussion, and the "big words".  These words aren't too big for my first graders to understand.  We do several activities around this book.

We ended the short week with a directed drawing of Martin Luther King, Jr.  I use the directed drawings year long bundle by First and Kinder Blue Skies.  You can view the bundle here.  We kept our list of big words from the book Martin's Big Words.  After we finish the drawing my students chose several of Martin's big words that were important to them or "stuck" with them.  They write them around their drawing and outline their drawing and words in black crayon.

We finish by painting with watercolors to give it a watercolor washed look.  They look adorable when they are done.  They also make a fantastic and powerful bulletin board.

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time friends!


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